With our experience and know-how that we have gained in İnegöl Furniture sector since 1994; we founded Berrak Sofa and Furniture company in 2008 to meet the needs and expectations of the furniture industry, to create added value in the rapidly growing and evolving İnegöl furniture and being one of the leading brands in Turkey with our own unique approach to design and quality. Our love of sofa production, which started in a small workshop of 75 square meters, continued in 2013 by reaching 3 workshops and 4 warehouses. In addition to our sofa production, we started furniture production for the first time in 2014.

As Berrak Furniture, the first Bedroom suite, which we designed with our unique design approach, which understands the demands and expectations of our customers and offers them special solutions, attaches importance to quality, was awarded the Original Furniture Design award at 2015 ISMOB (Istanbul Furniture Fair). This award has shown us that we need to accelerate our investments as a proof that we are on the right track. In this direction, we started to continue our activities in our new factory with a production area of 7000 square meters built on 15000 square meters in 2015. At the point where we came with the kindness of our valued customers to our products, our activities have been continuing in a 10 000 m2 production area, 2 stores in İnegöl Mobiliyum AVM at Stage A and Stage B, 1 store in Istanbul Masko Furniture Stores Bazaar, 1 store in Germany Cologne, 1 warehouse in America.


As Berrak Furniture and Sofa company; we aim at increasing the quality with the products we design by following technology and innovations closely, providing comfortable, useful, quality products at affordable prices, with our constantly increasing exports, bringing İnegöl furniture together with the world and supplying foreign currency to the country's economy, contributing to employment and the country's economy with our investments and continuously growing fields of activity.


As Berrak Furniture and Sofa company, we have adopted the motto of producing environmentally friendly products that meet the different lifestyles and usage habits of our customers, meet world standards, quality at affordable prices by producing Design Award-winning Furniture with our R&D activities.