Let's Meet the Puzzle Wardrobes Together.

With the module structure designed for different usage purposes, you can design a Dressing Room in any size you want.

Width of the corner module on the right and left wall


Puzzle 45 cm Cabinet with Shelf

Shelf Cabinet, which is the smallest 1st Module of Puzzle wardrobes, consists of 6 shelves. Shelf module, which is a must for a wardrobe, will make a great contribution to your storage of products such as sweaters and T-shirts.


Puzzle 45 cm Hanging Cabinet

The hanging cabinet, which is the second module of the puzzle wardrobe consists of 3 shelves and 1 hanger. You can store both clothes such as shirts and jackets that require hangers and your items such as sweaters, T-shirts or shoes thanks to its shelves.


Puzzle 90 cm Cabinet with Drawers

The drawer module, which is the first of the 2-door models of Puzzle wardrobes, offers a wide storage area thanks to its 3 drawers and hangers. You can store items such as underwear, socks, scarves, shawls, etc. in your drawers and hang items such as blouses, skirts and shirts on the hangers.


Puzzle 90 cm Wardrobe with Trouser Hanger

One of the 2-door models of Puzzle clothes cabinets, the hanger cabinet has 1 specially designed stylish trouser hanger and 1 normal hanger. It is a very useful and wonderful cabinet where you can hang your pants, jackets, shirts and suits.


Puzzle 180 cm Cabinet

It is the most elegant one with 4 doors in the puzzle wardrobes. It is a cabinet that especially women cannot give up, and they definitely have a place in their preferences. Thanks to the accordion covers, it can be opened easily and in one go and provides a full area of use. In the interior design, besides the 3 drawers, there is a led illuminated jewelry drawer where you can place your jewelry. While you can hang clothes such as long dresses and coats on the right and left sides, you can hang your dresses such as shorter skirts, blouses and shirts in the middle. It allows you to place your less used items such as pillow quilts on the upper shelves consisting of two sections.


Puzzle 55 cm Corner Cabinet

The corner wardrobe, which is the key product of the Puzzle wardrobe family, occupies an area of 100 cm on the right and left walls. It is a must-have module if you want to have a corner wardrobe in your home. Thanks to its wide interior design, it offers a comfortable usage area. It has got 5 shelves on the right side. On the left, there is a hanger where you can hang your coats, long dresses, etc. The top shelf is an ideal space for storing less used items. Thanks to its large interior volume and invisible parts, it also helps you to store large items such as vacuum cleaners and ironing boards that you cannot find where to put in your home.

Now let's look at the architectural installations of dressing rooms or
bedrooms created in various sizes.

Puzzle Cabinet Color Options

Anthracite Puzzle

Sand Beige Puzzle

Dressing Room Complementary Products

Ada Double Dresser, which looks like a showcase where you can put your jewelry and accessories that add more beauty to our beautiful customers, has a stylish appearance with its motion-sensitive LED system as well as being simple. It creates a wide storage area with two rows of 5 drawers each 111 cm wide. While 4 drawers are working with the push-open system, the jewelry drawer is pulled open. The glass parts where the LED lights are attached are fixed and do not move. The depths of the drawers are 45 cm and the total depth is 90 cm. The height of the dresser is 87 cm. Laundry models with different sizes are available in 111 cm wide, 46 cm deep and 87 cm high single row laundry or 64 cm wide narrow laundry models. As a color alternative, only the narrow laundry model is available in anthracite color.

Ada Single Dresser

It is compatible with all kinds of bedrooms with double row, single row or single row narrow drawer models. In addition, Puzzle Corner Wardrobe allows you to get exactly the performance you expect from a dressing room.

Creo White and Black Narrow Dresser

Other Complementary Products of Puzzle Dressing Room:

Puzzle wardrobes have the same color combination as Creo model bedrooms, so they are suitable to use with bedsteads, dressers and bedside tables.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can I get a special size wardrobe according to the size of my wall?

Puzzle wardrobes can be made in many alternative sizes thanks to its module structure. However, sometimes we receive requests in different sizes outside of the standard. For example, we may need additional special sized cabinets of 30 cm or 70 cm. In such cases, special size cabinet price is calculated based on the closest top size standard cabinet prices to the desired size. In this way, special production is made in width or height dimensions. However, as a change in the depth measurements of the cabinets disrupts the balance of the cabinet, depth changes are not made.


Can I make changes to the cabinet doors? What are the alternatives?

Standard bronze reflective tempered glass doors are used on the cabinet doors. You can also evaluate the line pattern CNC cut MDF cover or mirror cover alternatives. You can find samples in our stores.

Glass, Mirror and MDF cover alternatives:





Can I request a change regarding the interior design of the cabinets?

Its modules designed to meet different needs. Nevertheless, we meet the reasonable demands of some of our customers in this direction. For example, moving shelves or hangers. Here, you can decide on the changes you request by talking to your customer representative.


Do you come home and take measurements?

Our company does not have to come to the houses and take special measurements, because it makes mass production. In your special or standard size cabinet requests, we process according to the measurements you inform. That's why making sure you get the right size is very important for us to offer you the right products.

Note: Things to consider when taking measurements:
> Take the size from wall to wall.
> Do not forget to consider the baseboards.
> Do not forget to consider the dimensions of the beams, doors, windows, cornice and protrusions and inform us.


When will the products be delivered?

Your order will arrive within 21 business days (approximately 1 month) from the date your order is approved. You will be notified a few days in advance of any delay in your order. Except for the cities listed below, we have a free delivery service to the address in Turkey for products over 2500 TL. Please get a price for the assembly service.

Orders over 2500 TL from Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Bursa, Afyon, Balıkesir, Çanakkale, Eskişehir, İzmit (Kocaeli), Kütahya, Manisa, Sakarya, Yalova are delivered and assembled free of charge with our own service vehicles.